What would a world without books be like? #3 |Discussion


“Why do I read?”

“Why do I read?
I just can’t help myself.
I read to learn and to grow, to laugh
and to be motivated.
I read to understand things I’ve never
been exposed to.
I read when I’m crabby, when I’ve just
said monumentally dumb things to the
people I love.
I read for strength to help me when I
feel broken, discouraged, and afraid.
I read when I’m angry at the whole
I read when everything is going right.
I read to find hope.
I read because I’m made up not just of
skin and bones, of sights, feelings,
and a deep need for chocolate, but I’m
also made up of words.
Words describe my thoughts and what’s
hidden in my heart.
Words are alive–when I’ve found a
story that I love, I read it again and
again, like playing a favorite song
over and over.
Reading isn’t passive–I enter the
story with the characters, breathe
their air, feel their frustrations,
scream at them to stop when they’re
about to do something stupid, cry with
them, laugh with them.
Reading for me, is spending time with a
A book is a friend.
You can never have too many.”

Gary Paulsen, Shelf Life: Stories by the Book

The reason behind yet another post about this topic is the immense attention that my first ever post and then my second post got. Because of that, I wanted to open up a place where we can discuss this topic together. I want to know what you guys think about this topic and also about the quote. What would a world without books be like in your opinion? Why do you read? Please let me know in the comments. This is an open discussion, anyone can comment. I’m more than excited for all your input!

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5 thoughts on “What would a world without books be like? #3 |Discussion

  1. This poem or quote is so beautiful and true indeed. I love it!
    What would a world without books be like? People will lose the ability to imagine and the world will lack of creativity. Words will be almost meaningless without a book to be written in.
    Why do you read? I read because I want to watch a movie of my version, me as the director. When I read, everything becomes alive in my head, like you can picture the setting, the situation, the characters and the emotion carried by them. 🙂


    • Exactly! For me, it’s so crazy to imagine any place without books or literature in general. Unfortunately, it seems like there aren’t nearly enough people out there who think that books are key to anything and everything, really. I’m so scared that in the near future, books won’t have the same importance as they have for you and me, for example. We can clearly see that books aren’t appreciated as much anymore.
      I read exactly because of the reason you named, reading transports you into a whole other world, into a world which you can choose basically. I also read to keep books alive, that’s why I have this blog and my Instagram. The goal is always to spread the love and appreciation for books.

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      • You’re definitely right about transporting to another world. It’s sad that what you say about books are hardly being appreciated these days. I mean nowadays books are being replaced by tv shows and movies that people hardly need to imagine anymore. And I feel it makes the world a little less challenging or less interesting when you don’t even try to picture your own version of characters and situations. Things get a little too dry. For example, we read a book and the book is then adapted into a movie, we can see clearly the differences between the book and the movie and beg to differ about a lot of things. But some people who don’t read the book, they won’t notice and accept the movie as it is.

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      • Book to movie adaptions bug me so much lately. I know some people, like you said, that haven’t read the book but have watched the movie who think they know everything. That people limit themselves to something which has been produced and predetermined by certain people is absolutely crazy to me. Like, why watch the movie if there’s a book? That’s why I’m so hesitant about watching the adaption that are made for the books I like. But I guess sometimes you do get a great adaption which stays true to the book. Either way, I know that I will never be really and a hundred percent satisfied with the characters and the setting that film producers choose for books. There is always going to be something special about the way YOU imagine the insides of a book.

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