What would a world without books be like? #2


It’s been a really long time since I’ve genuinely sat down and just wrote. But I feel like now it’s the time to just let my thoughts run free and that, I wanted to share with you.

So a few months ago I published a blog post titled “What would a world without books be like?”. It’s by far my most viewed blog post which made me think, why? I guess people just want to know how the world could possibly be without books and without literature. Now, I’m one of those people who doesn’t like talking about these alternatives but from time to time, one does ask oneself how it would all have been, you know, just like we ask ourselves questions about our existence and the world.

When I think about this question, I think about how dull my life would be without books. It really is so easy to say but just imagine, what would people who basically live for waking up in the mornings and reaching out for their favorite book on their nightstand do? Sounds horrible right? That’s scary. Not having the one thing that you love to do the most in this world, it to be just taken away from you.

I admit, there are times that I just can’t pick up a book which then leads to a long long time of no reading whatsoever. And honestly, those periods in my life are the saddest and most boring ones. I noticed that despite those book slumps and not having the motivation to pick up a book, I always, always, come back to them. Books have worked their way into my mind and heart, the effect they have on me is nothing I’ve ever known. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Books and reading are a privilege nowadays which makes me so sad. Reading.

And it makes me so angry that some people take that for granted and continuously shove books aside instead of appreciating them. It makes me furious actually. But that’s their choice and their loss.

I think I would be very lost and helpless if I wouldn’t have books. You know, there is a turkish proverb that says:

They ask why we love books, poems and reading so much. We say, it’s because we’ve gotten to know the people in this world.

And I think this describes what we would lose when we didn’t have books. Honestly, I consider myself a pretty social person with an open personality and attitude towards anyone and anything but lately, I don’t want to have to socialize and talk to people because with time, people get meaner, sadder and duller. So I prefer drinking tea in bed with a nice fantasy book that will make me think less about the complications of life.

Thank you for reading this and I really think that you should go pick up a book that you’ve wanted to read for a long time now or just any kind of book because some people don’t have that kind of chance. Because this world could have also been a world without books.

End of rant.

Original blog post about this topic, here.

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