Buying used books|My experience


“Used books,” as if someone else has had the best of them and you get the sere husk, or the lees, as if a book isn’t the one thing, the one product, that is forever new. There’s no such thing as a used book. Or there’s no such thing as a book if it’s not being used.”
Deborah Meyler, The Bookstore

Today, I want to share my experiences with buying used books from different vendors and if I would recommend doing so or not.

To start off, I’d like to mention that there are several ways on where and how to buy used books. I, myself, just recently started buying used books rather than new books. The reasons for this are various and I’m sure most of you will relate.

Why did I buy used books?

A lot of people ask me why I buy used books and not new books which are in perfect condition. Well, I’m a student and I have no real job except tutoring kids and that isn’t the most profitable job. Hence my need to buy used books. By doing so, I save a lot of money which I can spend on other things or simply on more books.

Where can you buy used books?

Now, there are probably a dozen ways to buy used books as we, fortunately, have the power of the Internet.

I started buying used books on Amazon and I’ll try to show you where I found those used books.

When you go on to Amazon and type in a book of your choosing in the search bar and then click on the book, a site with all the needed information will pop up. Now, under the “Paperback” or “Hardcover” column, it says for example “28 used from $4.87″. All you need to do is click on that and all the used versions and the different vendors will pop up, including a detailed description on the condition of the book. Please note that most of the times a used book also has shipping costs which are normally around 3€ (3$/2£). Now, when you look at the different vendors, you will notice that there are a lot of different ones to choose from.


Which vendors would you recommend?/Which other sites are there to buy used books from?

Apart from Amazon’s little used books section, there are a whole lot of other sites that sell used books. Here are some that I think are the best and the easiest to handle.


I think this site is definitely something for people living in the USA as the shipping is affordable and the prices are ridiculously low. However, for people living in other countries, I wouldn’t recommend this site. I tried to order books but in the end, I would’ve had to pay 50-70$ for shipping which is ridiculous.

Personal experiences: None


I think BetterWorldBooks is one of the most amazing used books sites because you can donate books and the quantity increases every second. Also, funds are being raised for literacy & libraries and books are being reused and recycled. This site does sell new books too but mostly used ones. Another great thing is that shipping is free worldwide.

Personal experiences:

I have bought a few used books from this site and my books were never damaged or had any damages to them in general.

3. (only Germany and Austria)

I love this site. Especially because they have so so many books for a very low price! Sadly, this is only applies for Germany and Austria. Medimops has a lot of amazing books for a low price and in addition to that they have this deal that when you have more than 2 books in your cart, for every book, 1€ is being subtracted from your total order value which is so cool.

Personal experiences: 

I have bought a lot of books from Medimops through Amazon and I have never been disappointed by their quality. I can highly recommend this site!

4. (only Germany and Austria)

I can only recommend this to anyone who wants to buy used books in perfect condition. I haven’t bought anything on it yet but a lot of my friends did and they all said that their books were in perfect condition. The cool thing is that instead of seizing a shipping fee for every book in your cart like Amazon does, you have a collective order where you pay 3.99€ in total for all the books together. Also, there is a wide range of books to choose from.

Personal experiences: None

I would highly recommend to try out buying used books because you can really save a lot of money by doing so. Who wouldn’t want to save money and get the same book in a perfect condition than paying the full price for a new book that is so much more? I know I wouldn’t!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!

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7 thoughts on “Buying used books|My experience

  1. I have bought a lot of books from rebuy and I was never disappointed. A lot of them looked new!
    Sometimes I buy used books at ebay and a new site I discovered is Booklooker. Even though those are ‘private’ there were no dirty or damaged books.

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  2. I loooove buying used books! I usually buy them from online threads on Facebook or somewhere else where people will advertise their secondhand stuff online and if you’re interested you can message them and visit them in their house to buy it! I’ve done it once and I really loved it… Also I heard is a nice and cheap online store too! 😀

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    • I loooove buying used books too!!! It’s lioe the only way I buy books anymore!! I haven’t ever tried something like that but as I live in Germany there’s not really such a thing haha!! I’ve already purchased something from but they don’t really have any books in good condition that are cheap too!

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