Review: Currents by Eva Moraal


First of all, I want to say that this book was given to me as a review copy in exchange for an honest review. It was translated into German but it is originally a Dutch book. The English edition is coming out October 2015.

Now, this story was original but in every sense predictable. Even though the plot was intriguing at first, I grew tired of it as every plot twist and turn seemed not thought through enough.

As I started reading, I got so drawn into the story because of the world. The world building was great and something very different and interesting. So let’s talk about the world.

The book is set in a world which has endured the Great Flood and has been divided into two different areas, the dry area where the wealthy Elite live and the wet area where the working class lives, still vulnerable to further flooding. Of course, the country’s population is divided into two too, the Dry and the Wet.
Nina, the daughter of the governor, a Dry, is forced to go to another school under a false name because her last school got destroyed by the last flood. There she meets Max, a Wet, and they soon become friends.
But there is also a resistance movement, the NATO (National Alliance for Terror and Oppression) which plays a big role in some events.

I thought that the characters of the book were too clichè. Max, the always aggressive rebel and Nina, the innocent daughter of the Governor, turned into a rebel by her actual “enemy”. I really thought (and hoped) that the romance wouldn’t be insta-love but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I do think that the plot is original but my problem was that it was too predictable and transparent. There was a lot going on but I wanted more. I would’ve wanted more of the politics and the history and how it came to the Great Flood but all we got was a bad thought out political system (if you can even name it one) and a resistance movement led by teenagers. At least that’s what the author revealed. She could’ve written so much more in those 500+ pages. I expected a lot more than this.

On another note, it could also just be that the book wasn’t translated good enough which I am sure is the matter here. The structure in which the book was build isn’t a typical one. Short sentences, weird words that nobody my age uses. Normally, translated books are much better than this.



Overall Rating: 2.5/5


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