Review: Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins


I heard of this book a long time ago but didn’t think it was as good as said. I was so wrong to think like that. This book is now one of my favorites this year. Rebel Belle was so much fun to read and I can’t wait to get my hands on Miss Mayhem

Essentially, the story is about a girl Harper Price who miraculously gets super powers.The book starts with a scene at a Homecoming Dance. Harper, naturally, forgets to put on some lip gloss and goes to the school’s bathroom to fix that. There, she basically witnesses a weird, murderous event. Long story short: she finds out that she got passed on some crazy ninja super powers and that she is some type of guardian (in the book, they’re called Paladins). But of course, the person she hast to guard is none other than David Stark with whom she’s been rivalling for a long time.

Now, I thought that Rebel Belle was a fantastic book. It was so funny and quirky but at the same time very intriguing and badass.

Harper Price, the female protagonist, was just hilarious. There were so many good lines coming out of her mouth. Besides that, she was also relatable. David Stark, the male protagonist, was very funny and cute. He, like Harper, has got some supernatural powers too and plays a big role in the book. I absolutely loved their rivalry. The characters were all very well-developed. The only thing that bothered me was how oblivious Harper and David were when it came to Blythe. I mean, she told them that she could “poof” out of anywhere and then they’re actually surprised when she’s not in the car anymore. Just no.

Rachel Hawkins worked with a kind of mythology that I never heard of (Paladins, Mages, etc.). I thought it was really interesting and well constructed as a lot of books have, for instance, greek mythology but this one had a whole other type in it. I really liked the idea behind the book and I thought that the imagery of the “Rebel Belle” Harper was supposed to be was displayed very well.

The end wrapped up crazy (if not nicely) with very clever plot twists which made the reader really want to read more.

All in all, I’d recommend this book to everyone who loves a fun fantasy read with the right amount of romance going on.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Favorite part:

I picked up the nearest weapon I could lay my hands on: a stapler. I lifted it, going for “menacing.” I admit it lacked a certain elegance, but hey. It was worth a shot. David placed his hand on my arm and pushed it back down.“What?”“Just . . . that’s embarrassing for all of us,” he replied.”

― Rachel Hawkins, Rebel Belle


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