Review: The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury


“I am the perfect weapon, I can kill with a single touch.”

Melinda Salisbury, The Sin Eater’s Daughter

The Sin Eater’s Daughter is about this girl named Twylla who is the Sin Eater’s daughter. She lives in the kingdom of Lormere which is one of the three kingdoms; Tallith, Tregellan and Lormere.

Now in this novel, our female protagonist, Twylla, is to become the next Sin Eater after her mother. the ceremony of Sin Eating is very important. Basically when someone dies the Sin Eater  will come to the house of the dead and eat a meal on their coffin. Now the meal represents the different sins of that person. The sin of abortion, for instance, is represented by sour creme and so on. For a person to move on to the afterlife their soul has to be cleansed by all the sins they committed in their life. The basic task of the Sin Eater is to eat everything that is on the coffin. If the Sin Eater doesn’t eat all of the dead person’s sins, that person won’t be able to move on to the afterlife. To not finish the meal is to condemn the soul to walk the world forever.

During Twylla’s childhood, the queen notices that Twylla has a really powerful ability; she can kill people with a single touch as her blood is poisonous. She’s only able to touch people with divine blood without killing them (here the queen, king and prince).

Twylla is brought to the castle to be the official executioner of the crown. At the same time she’s being betrothed to the prince as the queen’s only daughter died many years ago and it’s usual that brother and sister marry to keep the crown purely of divine blood. Twylla represents the daughter of the Gods and is therefore also of divine blood.

From there the story develops.

I thought that this book was very unique when it comes to its world. What I liked was the concept of the world and the people but I especially liked the idea of the Sin Eating. I never heard of something like this and I don’t know how Melinda Salisbury came up with it but it’s brilliant. I thought that the Sin Eater played a big role in this story as she could decide whether  the person who died deserved the afterlife or not.

The characters were good and the main character, Twylla, really developed throughout the story. At the beginning, she kind of just did as she was told but in the end it felt like she wanted to fight back after a few things were revealed.

The only thing that really bothered me was the love story. It just was too much love story for a high fantasy book and I would’ve liked to learn more of the world and the different kingdoms. There was a (kind of) love triangle going on but it didn’t bother me at all.

There were a lot of twists and turns and some of them were predictable but there were also a lot that surprised me. I really loved the back story of the world Salisbury created and it was very interesting to read.

The end was satisfying but there was a cliff hanger which made me cry out but it definitely wasn’t as bad as some other cliffhangers.

I definitely recommend this book to high fantasy lovers and if you love Throne of Glass you will most definitely like this one too.

Overall rating: 4/5


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