What would a world without books be like?


“I opened a book and in I strode.
Now nobody can find me.
I’ve left my chair, my house, my road,
My town and my world behind me.
I’m wearing the cloak, I’ve slipped on the ring,
I’ve swallowed the magic potion.
I’ve fought with a dragon, dined with a king
And dived in a bottomless ocean.
I opened a book and made some friends.
I shared their tears and laughter
And followed their road with its bumps and bends
To the happily ever after.
I finished my book and out I came.
The cloak can no longer hide me.
My chair and my house are just the same,
But I have a book inside me.”
― Julia Donaldson

“What would you do if books didn’t exist?”

“Would you be the same person?”

“What would a world without books be like?”

The first thing that comes into mind is that the world would be hollow. People often underestimate the power of words and books. I mean, where would our world be without all the information we gathered throughout centuries wether it be science, economy or simply our lifestyle. The world that we now know wouldn’t be as developed as it is now but it would be a rather stunted world. Mankind wouldn’t be as intelligent and knowledgable. Imagination and creativity would all be vanished. Everyone’s thoughts would be locked up in their own mind. The reason why authors write, readers read and write reviews is to unwind, to reflect, to be challenged, to be entertained, or to be transported to another time, place or world. All of these reasons, let alone the need to do so, would dissolve.

What would a world without books evolve into? Maybe it would be like in George Orwell’s 1984 where people live in a repressive world. Or our world would be like in Aldous Huxley’s A brave new world where  people are instantly contented with everything. Both versions represent the image of a nightmare.

I have always appreciated books which, for me, are something like a piece of art rather than just plain words. I don’t know what it is about reading and books but it makes a person feel better. I certainly don’t want to lose that feeling I get while reading.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

I think that everybody already knows this quote by heart but this quote emphasizes exactly how we readers feel. It’s like discovering something new. Without books the world simply wouldn’t be the same.

So, what do you think would a world without books be like?


4 thoughts on “What would a world without books be like?

  1. For me personally, I can’t imagine a world without books. When I read Fahrenheit 451 I was appalled at the idea that books were forbidden and burned if you had them. Books aren’t just really for entertainment which I will admit is what my main reason for reading. However, reading in general make you learn, understand, and see things from a different perspective, and may change how you view certain things. They are thought-provoking and I must say part of how I perceive things in this world is influenced by the books that I have read.


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